Ten Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers

Ten Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers

My son is not a big candy guy, especially now that he has braces.  Usually, when he receives candy in his Easter basket, he brings it to his friends at school, or his father eats it.

A few years ago, I decided to forego the expense (and calories) of a ton of candy, and only get him a few pieces I know he will appreciate, such as Hershey’s kisses.  I also fill his basket with a few non-candy Easter treats to enjoy, things he really wants or needs.

Here are a few suggestions for a fun Easter basket, sure to keep even your pickiest teen happy.  If you have some other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

1.  School Supplies:  My son is picky about the kind of pen he uses for school; he only likes Pilot G2 Roller pens…extra fine.  He also uses mechanical pencils and erasers for class.  These supplies are not cheap, so I stock up on them while on sale.

2.  Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean Tea: Since he is allowed to drink tea at school this year (the high school kids are allowed to have a coffee/tea break in the middle of Humane Letters), he has discovered the pleasure of a nice cup of tea.  One of his favorites is Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean tea.  Coffee pods are a good idea too.

3.  Headphones for his Iphone 5.  I found his last pair of headphones in the dryer, so I’m guessing he needs a new pair.  Every teenager needs 2-3 (thousand) headphones, right?

4.  Otterbox for Iphone 5:  One of his best friends dropped her Iphone in the toilet.  I’m not taking any chances, so am getting him one of these to protect his phone.

5.  Makeup:  While not my sons idea of fun, if you have a teenage daughter, she will love you forever if you get her a few quality pieces of makeup or nail polish, especially if its one of the fun new colors for spring.

6. Gift Cards:  ITunes, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and local movie theater gift cards are always a win.

7.  DVD’s:  Stuff a few newly released blockbuster DVD’s, such as The Hobbit and Lincoln into their basket.

8. Squirt Guns:  What teenager does not need a squirt gun?  I usually get one for my husband too, and let them go crazy in the backyard.

9.  Books:  Tuck in the latest edition of their favorite series, such as The Hunger Games, in my sons case, The Iliad.  Get your kids a few books they can read over summer vacation now, and they won’t have an excuse to say they are bored.

10.  Pool/Beach Accessories:  While it may be a few months to swim season for some of you, here in Arizona, it will be swim season in a few weeks.  New swim goggles, beach balls, and diving rings add a colorful addition to any Easter basket.

What non-candy things do you put in your teens Easter basket?

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