Shugrues Hillside Grill, Sedona

New Years Eve day my family, including my Mom and Dad, took a nice drive to Sedona.  Although we did not intend to grab lunch in Sedona (we were originally headed to Oak Creek Canyon or Flagstaff), we decided to stop at Shugrues Hillside Grill for a bite to eat.  What a beautiful lunch, in a beautiful restaurant!

As we walked to our seat, we marveled at the gorgeous views of the red rocks from every angle of the restaurant.

 We were seated right next to a floor-to-ceiling picture window, with a clear shot of the snow-kissed rocks of Sedona.
The view from our table

The menu was extensive, with so many choices, it was hard to decide.  Fortunately, a passing server with a tray of steaming lunches helped us in our choice.  My husband ordered the Black & Bleu burger, a blackened angus burger with bleu cheese and bacon.  My father and son ordered the same lunch choice: a cup of New England Clam Chowder, and the Classic French Dip.  My mother and I had a harder time choosing what to get, especially with the unique sides that came with the meals, but after vowing to share our sides with each other, my mother ordered the Brioche Brie Burger with the side of Green Chili Macaroni and Cheese, and I ordered the Warm Turkey Rustique, a warm turkey sandwich with swiss cheese, tomato, and cranberry horseradish, with a side of red cabbage with warm goat cheese.

Everyone loved their lunch!   My father and Little Man enjoyed the soup, rich and creamy with the right seasoning.  They also enjoyed the French Dip sandwiches, beef shaved thin, with little to no fat, and the au jus dip was flavorful.

French Dip

My husbands black and bleu burger looked incredible, and he declared it one of the burgers he had eaten in a long time.  The burger was huge, and I was hoping for a nibble, but since I was fighting a cold, he was not sharing, and ate the whole thing!

Black & Bleu Burger

My mother enjoyed her brioche brie burger, ordering it medium rare, so it was juicy and savory.

Brioche Brie Burger

I, too, enjoyed my turkey rustique, especially the cranberry horseradish, which was zippy yet sweet.  The combination of flavors on my sandwich were incredible, and I, too, ate the whole thing.

Warm Turkey Rustique with Cranberry Horseradish

Although our meals were delectable, the highlight, at least for my mother and I, was the side dishes.  The red cabbage, freshly shredded and sauteed in-house, was sprinkled with warm goat cheese.

Red Cabbage with warm goat cheese

The sweet, tangy juxtaposition of flavors was delectable.  The green chili macaroni and cheese was such a pleasant surprise; warm and piquant, yet oh so creamy!

Green Chili Macaroni and Cheese

We were pleased to have such a delightful lunch!

Although our server had several other tables, she was very attentive, remembering drink orders, bringing extra crackers for the soup, and even taking a family photo after our meal.

The restaurant wasn’t very busy when we popped in at 1pm, but the phone rang frequently for nighttime dinner reservations that night.   I am certain Shugrue’s was a lovely place to have New Year’s Eve dinner.   We have been to Sedona many times, but never Shugrues, but we will definitely be back. (Their dinner menu looks incredible, and they have been voted the best seafood in Sedona since 1989!)

Shugrues Hillside Grill is located at the Hillside shopping area on Hwy 179.  For more information, visit them on their webpage.   You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer:  This was a private review.  The restaurant was unaware I would be reviewing, and I received no monetary or product compensation for the review.

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