Sharing the Love (But Not the Germs) With Kleenex & Vudu #SharetheSoft

Did you know I own Kleenex?  Yep…I own the whole company!  

…Okay, fine. I don’t really own the company, but with as many Kleenex tissues as I’ve used the past few weeks, it feels like I own the company!  

I started with a cold the day after Christmas, which I could not shake.  Then my Mom and Dad came to visit, and my Mom was sick with a cold, too.  Here we were, two sickies, just hanging out..being sick.  We were supposed to do some day trips while they were here, but it was too cold out, and we just didn’t feel like doing anything.  We did get to hang out and relax, which we never get to do, but still, being sick is no fun.  By the time my Mom and Dad left (and 5000 Kleenex later), my cold had progressed into something monsterous in my chest.  Two days after my parents left, I was bedridden, delirious, and could not breath, so my husband and son took me to urgent care.  The doctor said I likely had pneumonia (they could not do an x-ray because I almost passed out, but that’s a whole other story).  She sent me home with strong antibiotics, cough meds with codeine, an inhaler, and orders that if I did not improve in 24 hours, they would have to hospitalize me.  Fun and games, huh? 

Fortunately, I did improve, and for once, listened to doctors advise.  I had a great nurse to make sure I did as I was told…my husband.  When I almost passed out at the doctors office, he was there to catch me. When I tossed my cookies, he was there with a trashcan.  (After all, there’s nothing like a little barf to bring a husband and wife closer, right?  Yeah.)  The Old Man made sure I took my medication, made sure I had enough to drink (I was also dehydrated), and plenty of sleep.  For about five days, he became Mr. Mom.  He did laundry, cooked, cleaned, and took care of me, my son, and our pooch.  He was my hero.

 I don’t know what I would’ve done without my husband.  I knew when I got better, I had to give him a special thank you.  Now he is feeling run down and a little sneezy.  I hope he is not getting a cold!  I am out of town this weekend, but wanted to make sure he was taken care of while I’m gone.  I want him to relax, watch the play-off games and some movies, and not have to lift a finger to cook or clean.  Before I left, I cleaned the house for him, washed the bed sheets and blankets (to get rid of any germs), and made a batch of his favorite football-watching food…my famous Game Day Chili.  (He would prefer chili over a pot of soup!)

I also made a trip to Walmart, and stocked up on Kleenex, football snacks, a new book, a new humidifier (to keep the cold out of his chest) and a new DVD. I love the Cool Touch or Lotion Kleenex, but my husband prefers the Every Day (no lotion) Kleenex, so I got him a four-pack.  I put all the goodies together and made a little “Thank you & Get Well” gift basket for him.  You can see my shopping trip HERE.

 While I was at Walmart, I noticed that Kleenex has a great promotion going on right now.  On select Kleenex packages, there is a $4 credit for  Vudu is a movie streaming service, available through Blu-Ray players, X-boxes, Computers, and other devices.  I have Vudu available through my Blu-Ray player, so I signed up, and redeemed my vudu voucher through Walmart, then looked through the movie selections.

It was super easy to sign up, and the program is a pay-per movie, so there is no monthly fees.  Because I signed up for a ultraviolet account too, I received 10 free movies.  (Some we will watch, others are not our cup of tea, but they were free-yeah!)

Since the Old Man is kid-free this weekend, he did not have to worry about watching a family-friendly movie, so he chose Taken 2 with Liam Neeson.  Nothing like a weekend of football, shoot-em-up movies, chili, and snacks!

I think he’ll be just fine. 

The flu epidemic is bad this year.  Most likely you, or someone you know will get sick.  Be nice and share the love by sharing the soft with Kleenex.  Maybe you can make someone you love a “get well” basket too!  If you grab one of the Kleenex packages with the Vudu promotion, you will not only have the comfort of soft tissues, you will have a fun movie to watch.  This promotion is only available at Walmart, and the Vudu promotion must be redeemed by 4/30/13, so be sure to grab your package ASAP!

To find out more about the Walmart Kleenex/Vudu promotion, visit the Walmart page here.  You can also find Kleenex on Facebook and Twitter

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Kleenex® Brand Tissues  #CBias #SocialFabric

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