Safeway’s New Just 4 U Coupon Program

The giveaway is over-congratulations Elena for winning the $50 gift card!

Even though I like to cook gourmet food, I do not like to pay “gourmet” prices, so getting the lowest price on my groceries is important to me.  The way I look at it, the more I save, the more money I have for other things…like family entertainment and travel!  I was invited to a Safeway event to learn more about a new digital coupon program they are launching, the Just 4 U program.  I jumped at the chance to learn how to save money at one of my favorite stores!

Yesterday I, along with a group of other wonderful Phoenix bloggers, met at the Safeway corporate office in Tempe to learn about the Safeway Just 4 U program.  We had a lovely breakfast, then the Safeway executives went into the nitty-gritty of the Just 4 U program.  I could not sleep Sunday night, so downloaded the Safeway app to my IPhone and  “played” with it.  Although I was familiar with how Just 4 U worked, I learned so much more at the Safeway gathering, such as….

  • There are three main areas of the Just 4 U program: the Coupon Center, Personalized Deals, and Your Club specials.
  • The Coupon Center holds Safeway digital coupons.  The items you have previously purchased are shown first on the coupon list, then other suggested coupons.  
  • Personalized deals are tailored just for you, based on your shopping habits.  Safeway uses three months of shopping history to determine your personalized deals.  Personalized deals are valid for one to four weeks, and can be used again and again through the expiration date. 
  • Your Club Specials are weekly Safeway promotions for all Safeway club members.  The specials that you see in the weekly printed flyers are available online in the Club Specials section.   
  • Personalized deals are updated weekly, the coupon center is updated multiple times a week, and the Club specials are updated every week.   
  •  Personalized deals are based on your shopping patterns at your “home” store, so some may not be available if you go out of your area. 
    • There is a shopping list in Just 4 U, so you can add items from your Personalized Deals, the Coupon Center, and the Club Specials.  Since they are loaded to your Safeway Club card, there are no coupons or shopping list to remember-they are all in there and ready to use when you check out at the store.
    •  You can stack Safeway digital coupons from the coupon center with club specials.  You can also stack digital coupons with personalized deals!
    • You can stack printed manufacturer’s coupons with personalized deals & club specials.  
    • You cannot stack manufacturers coupons with Safeway digital manufacturers coupons, but the Safeway system will always give you the best deal.  What does this mean?     Say you have a box of cheerios for $3.99.  You have a manufacturers coupon for .59 cents, but the Safeway Coupon Center has a digital coupon for $1.00 that you put in your “cart.”  When you go to use the manufacturer’s coupon, the register will apply the $1.00 coupon instead, and the checkout cashier will give you your manufacturer’s coupon back to use another time.  
    • Safeway has an IPhone/Android app that will keep track of all your Just 4 U data.  So…if you are like me and forget to check and see what is in the Personalized Deals section or the Coupon Center, you can add them to your shopping list at 3:00 in the morning, while you are waiting to pick your kids up from school, or even while you are in the store!  

    • The Just 4 U program is super easy to use, and right now they are offering every Safeway Club member One (1) dozen free eggs when you sign up for the Just 4 U program.  Did you hear me?  Free eggs!     

    One important thing to remember about the Just 4 U program is that you must have a Safeway Club card, and you must have the correct telephone number attached to your account.  Because the Personalized Deals are based on your shopping habits,  you have to have the right information in your account to get those Personalized deals!

    I know what you are thinking…

    “Sure Julie, you certainly know how to ramble on….I’m sure it’s a fine program, but does it really work?”    Yes.   it really works.

    Safeway gave us each a  $50 Safeway gift card, after we loaded our coupons and personalized deals to our shopping list, and took us shopping at one of the local Safeway stores, to see how the Just 4 U program worked for us.  I had awesome things in my grocery cart like Coca-Cola 12 packs at “buy two, get two free”, asparagus for $1.49 ($2.50 off the regular price), Raisin Bran for $1.99, Bertoli Olive Oil for $4,98 (4.00 off) and Garlic for .33 cents.  I also got Tide detergent.  The original price was $14.99, and I had a club card savings of $3.00, a store E-coupon for $1.00 off, and a .35 cent digital manufacturer’s coupon.  I saved $4.25 on the Tide!  When I was done shopping, I had saved 43% off my grocery bill.  43%!!  Two of the other bloggers, who are deal bloggers, saved 47%.  None of us brought manufacturer’s coupons with us, so this was based solely on what was in the Just 4 U system!    43% is a lot of money to save, don’t you agree? 

    That’s me, second from the right!

    Sign up for a Safeway (or Safeway affiliate) Club Card HERE.  To find out more about the Safeway Just 4 U program, visit their website at Safeway Just 4 U

    Giveaway is over!

    Okay…do you need a little extra incentive to sign up for the Safeway Just 4 U program?  How does a $50 Safeway gift card sound?  Sign up for the Just 4 U program, sign into your account, and tell me in comments area below one of the items that shows up under your Personalized Deals (not the free eggs silly, everyone gets those!) and finish the giveaway entry, and you will have a chance to win the $50 gift card!

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    Disclaimer:  The gift card was provided by Safeway as part of my VIP bloggers experience, but my opinions are 100% my own.  

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