Oh The Places We Went: Spring Break San Francisco, Day 3

Sorry I am so delayed in getting this to you–life has been so busy lately, but I did want to continue the story of our little spring break road trip to San Francisco. 

Day Three of our San Francisco trip was interesting….wet and interesting.  We woke to a heavy downpour, which made my goal of photographing the Golden Gate from our ferry (during the early morning sun) absolutely impossible.  Okay, fine.  I didn’t want to photograph that stinking (gorgeous, incredible) bridge anyway!

Because it was raining, and the hotel were staying at was not the Ritz (by any stretch), we woke to damp carpet in the room.  It was damp, not only by the sliding glass door in the room, but also on other parts of the floor-our guess was that the water was seeping up through the floor of our first floor room.  We contacted the front desk, but by the time they sent someone to check out the situation, we had to leave for our Alcatraz tour.  We were determined to endure it for one more night, and then get out of dodge.  I would not recommend the hotel in which we stayed, but will talk about that later.

We had planned to take the ferry from the Tiburon Ferry Building across the bay to the San Francisco Ferry Building, but because it was raining so hard, I knew that if we took the ferry, we would be soaked to the bone, so made a quick change of plans and drove to the Alcatraz Ferry building instead.  It was not as thrilling as the ferry would have been, but it did keep us warm and dry a bit longer.  Fortunately, we found great parking at Pier 39 1/2, right near the Alcatraz tour Building (Pier 41).  Drivers who arrive before 10 a.m. get a big discount-we only paid $10 for parking, instead of $30!    We checked in for our tour, purchased some rain slickers, and waited to board the ferry, and then it was off to Alcatraz.

Trying to keep dry

 Alcatraz.  Hmm.  How do I put this?  The history of the place, and its “tenants” was fascinating.  The tales of escapes or attempted escapes was intriguing.  The history of the guards and their families who lived there was engrossing.   It was an interesting tour, and I definitely recommend it.  But…it was a little creepy.  It was old and damp, and a little depressing.  The fact that this was once a place that housed rapists and murderers really creeped me out.   Al Capone lived here.  “Machine Gun” Kelly lived here.  Robert Stroud, the “Birdman of Alcatraz” lived here.  Guards (who tried to prevent escape attempts) were killed here.  The solitary confinement area was super creepy!!    I definitely think that this should be one of your tourist stops in San Francisco, but be prepared to be a little bit weirded out.   For those who “like” creepy, they even have an evening tour.  You would not catch me at that tour for a million $$, but I am sure there are many who would enjoy it!

Welcome to Alcatraz Island!

Alcatraz Guard Tower

One of the cells where a prison attempted an escape.

Some of the more famous inmates.

Solitary Confinement

One of the prison cells, similar to how they were decorated.
Alcatraz Visitation rules

Alcatraz Light House

After coming back from Alcatraz, we were cold and hungry.  Our next stop was the Walt Disney Family Museum, but first, we needed to grab a bite to eat and warm up.  Chicago-style deep dish pizza was the perfect tummy warmer!  (I’ll tell you more about the restaurant later).

After a nice lunch, we made our way over to the Walt Disney Museum, which was soooo much fun!  I will write more about the museum in a separate post, but If you are a Walt Disney fan, the Walt Disney Museum is a must on your trip to San Francisco.

After the museum, we made our way to Ghiradelli Square, and a lovely seafood dinner at McCormick and Kuleto’s.   The rain continued to drizzle, so after a very busy day, we headed back to our hotel to curl up under the covers, and save our energy for another busy day!

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