Mirror, Mirror Movie Review

Little Man and I had the opportunity to preview the new movie, Mirror Mirror, and there are two words to describe the movie….magical and hilarious!

Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Lily Collins, and Nathan Lane, is an enchanting new twist on the classic fairy tale, Snow White.  In this version of the story, Snow White is not the helpless princess she once was-after escaping the evil queen, she learns, with the help of the seven dwarfs, how to fight and take back her kingdom.  She even saves prince charming in the process, and gives the evil queen a taste of her own “medicine!”

The following are Little Man and my review of Mirror Mirror

Little Man

Mirror, Mirror, though not my favorite movie of the year, was still fun for the whole family.  Julia Roberts, who played the evil Queen Clementianna, played her part very well, and added a strong amount of laughter and elegance to the story.  Lily Collins, who played the main character, Snow White, did a fine job in her role.  Armie Hammer, playing Prince Andrew Alcott, made a suitable love interest for Snow White, and was a good sport in the many silly things he had to do throughout the movie. The dwarfs brought their own individual flare, from the romantic Half-Pint, to the jovial Chuckles.  Sean Bean, although only in the movie for a few minutes, provided a nice depth to the movie with his regal demeanor.  My only complaint about the movie was the ending, during the credits, with a silly song and dance routine, which was confusing.  Overall, however, the movie was very entertaining. 

Julia Roberts was deliciously naughty as the evil queen.  Although a bit campy in her role, her deviousness comes off as wickly hysterical.  The director, Tarsam SIng, allowed Miss Roberts’ unique mannerisms to shine through in her performance as the evil queen, so while I wanted to hate her,  I just could not bring myself to do so-her naughtiness was almost endearing.  Lily Collins was an interesting choice as Snow White-she was not a traditional beauty, and perhaps that allowed the audience to look past her looks, and recognize her as a strong role model, while fighting the evil queen to take back her father’s kingdom.  Armie Hammer was dreamy as the sometimes hapless Prince Charming.  Nathan Lane was entertaining as Brighton, the evil queens head servant/side kick.   The dwarfs stole each scene they were in, as they were portrayed as real men, with real emotions-not the fairy tale caricatures seen in past story books.  There were many moments of laugh-out-loud silliness.

Visually, the movie was magical.  The costumes in the movie were gorgeous, and Julia Roberts and Lily Collins looked more lovely with each gown they wore.   The royal palace, village, and Dwarf House were everything you would visualize in your imagination for the world of Snow White.  There was an curious event during the closing credits-Snow White breaks into “bollywood” style song and dance, which was somewhat odd, but still entertaining.    Although the whole family will enjoy the movie, young girls will especially enjoy relating to Snow White.

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