Local Flavor: Sadies

“Sadie, Sadie, lovely lady.”   
No, I am not talking about the famous song from Funny Girl (but will use any excuse to sing a show tune!).  I am talking about the wonderful Albuquerque restaurant, Sadie’s of New Mexico.  Last week, while passing through town, we decided to have dinner at Sadie’s, on the recommendation of a close friend  (thank you W!) who grew up in Albuquerque. 
OH MY GOSH…the food was so good!!
This was not some fancy-schmanchy place.  Sadie’s is true down home, “I think I see Sadie working in the kitchen” New Mexican style cuisine.  The food is as far from nouvelle cuisine as you can get, and that was just fine. 
What is New Mexican style cooking, you ask?  In a nutshell, it’s a blend of Native American, Mexican, and American food, characterized by lots of green chile.  It’s Carne Adovada, Green Chili stew, and Sopaipilla.  It’s spicy and very, very yummy.
First the chips and salsa.  Sadie’s is known for its salsa and even markets it own label.  The salsa was spicy, yet had a tangy, slightly sweet flavor, which complemented the homemade tortilla chips.  We hated it, but were forced to eat two baskets.  (Fine–we did not hate it, we loved it.  I am rationalizing eating two whole baskets of tortilla chips!)
For our entrees, my husband and I both ordered the basic guaco tacos:  chicken for me, and chicken and steak for him.  My son had simple chicken tacos. Each were served with frijoles (refried beans) and papitas (mexican home fries). 
What a meal!  The guacamole in our tacos was fresh-made, chock full of onion and green chile.  My son was pleasantly surprised to find that the shredded chicken in the tacos contained just shredded chicken, not chicken full of pepper and onions.  My husband had his entire plate drenched in red chile sauce, but I opted for green chile sauce on the side. The real treat was the papitas.  Chopped potatoes, fried with onion and spices, and then covered in a cheese sauce…oh my!!  A week later and my mouth is still watering.  The entire plate was a work of art meant to be devoured.  And devour we did. 
But guess what?  We were not done! 
As part of the meal we were given a basket of the lightest, fluffiest little pastries this side of heaven, otherwise known as sopaipillas.  (We were forced to eat two baskets of these as well-the nerve of this place!)
Similar to beignets, sopaipillas are small pillows of  fried dough, which you slather with honey before eating.  Some sopaipillas I have had in the past were either too doughy or too greasy, but these were light and airy, without a hint of grease. 
For a quick, late night dinner, Sadie’s was a very pleasant surprise.  A landmark restaurant to locals, Sadie’s  dining area is huge: 3-4 large inside rooms, as well as a large outdoor patio for seating.  Despite all the space, there was still a 45 minute wait for a table, so you know it is popular! 
We are thinking of heading back to New Mexico for the big Balloon Fiesta, and will make another stop at Sadie’s.  Make it a “must stop” on your next trip to (or through) Albuquerque too!

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