Kevin Zraly Wine How-To Webisodes & A Wine Gift Pack Giveaway!

When serving wine, there are so many “rules” to remember.  Which wine do I serve with pasta?  What bottle of wine should I bring as a hostess gift?  Is Gewurztraminer sweet or dry?  How do you pronounce Gewurztraminer?  It can get confusing.

It is my honor to introduce Kevin Zraly, world renown wine educator, and founder of the Windows of The World Wine School.  I’ve been a fan of Mr. Zraly for many years, having read his Windows Of The World Wine Course from cover to cover, several times.  It is my opinion, that there is no better book for learning how to choose and serve wine. If you are at all interested in wine, you must get this book.

Kevin Zraly’s romance with wine began long before he was legally old enough to drink it. As an altar boy at his local Ossining, New York community church, the scent of the Sacramental wine perfumed the air, and when not under the watchful eye of his pastor, Kevin and his pals even enjoyed a clandestine sip or two. Though later in his career Kevin would go on to taste much loftier and exalted wines, that memory lingers and remains an early sign of what would become a lifelong passion. His love of the grape led Kevin to become one of the world’s leading wine educators and author of the seminal Kevin Zraly’s American Wine Guide, and the best-selling wine book in the United States, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course, with over 3 million copies sold to date. In October 2009, he will publish the landmark 25th anniversary edition of the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course.

Now, Mr. Zraly has made it even easier to learn about wine, by developing a series of wine education webisodes.  Each 30 second webisode offers tips on how to pronounce German and Italian wines, how to use your senses to taste wine, and how to find the best wine value.  The webisodes offer easy to remember information, so you can make better choices in your wine selections.  Please take some time to view each webisode below, and be sure to bookmark the episodes, so you can refer to them in the future.

German Wine Pronunciation
Using Your Senses to Taste Wine
Best Wine Value
Pronunciation Tips for Italian Wines
To celebrate Mr. Zraly’s new webisodes,  I am hosting a giveaway for a Wine Gift Pack, including a copy of Kevin Zraly’s Windows of The World Wine Course book, a Kevin Zraly Bottle Stopper and Wine Glass Charms.  What an awesome prize, right?!

To enter the giveaway, please fill out the rafflecopter form below.  A required entry is to answer the following:  Tell me one webisode you viewed, and one thing you learned from the webisode.   You can answer this in the comments area below, but make certain you mark that you have completed this task on the rafflecopter form.  (I will be checking entries)  This giveaway is open to residents of the US, 21+ years of age, so please verify on the rafflecopter form before you do any additional entries.  Giveaway ends March 20th.

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