Five Wines to Serve for Easter

Whether you serve these wines with brunch or with dinner, these five wines are wonderful choices to pair with all the flavors of Easter!  

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognior, 2009 -Approximately $9.99
 A refreshing dry white wine, with hints of peach, melon, and apple.
LaCrema Chardonnay, 2008- Approximately $15.99
A crisp white wine with hints of lemon blossom and white peach.
Gloria Ferrer Blanc De Noir, -Approximately $19.99
A fruity sparkling wine, with flavors of  cherry, lemon, and vanilla.  
Gypsy Boots Pinot Noir, 2008-Approximately $29.99
This rich velvety wine has flavors of wild currants, berries, and vanilla. 
Smoking Loon Syrah, 2008 – Approximately $9.99
A rich, flavorful red wine with flavors of blackberry, caramel, and  chocolate. 
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