Firemans Brew: Pairing Beer With Food for Super Bowl Sunday!

I’ve tried a fair amount of beer in my day.  Wow, that does not sound right, does it?  You know what I mean!  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more selective about what I drink.  I especially love sampling and recommending smaller micro brewery beers, so I can showcase the diversity of craft brewers.  By brewing in small batches, microbrewers are better able to experiment with unique flavors, different types of hops, and other ingredients. 

I was recently sent a sample collection of beers from Firemans Brew, a micro brewery based out of Woodland Hills, California.  (Have I mentioned how much a love my job?) As the name implies, Firemans Brew was created by…you guessed it…two firemen, Rob and and Ed.  What could be more unique than ale created by every day heros?!  I was sent samples of their three signature beers to try:  Blond Beer, a pilsner style lager; Redhead Red Amber Ale; and Brunette German Doublebock.

Each of these beers has a unique flavor, best suited to serve with certain types of food.  Have you ever planned a meal around your beer, just as you might with wine?  Superbowl Sunday is the perfect time to try this, as you already have so many unique flavors in the treats on your table. Why not give it a try?  I think you’ll be pleased with the flavor combinations, and your guests will be impressed that you took the time to pair food and beer together.  I recommend  all three Firemans Brews to serve at your Super Bowl party, as their diverse tastes pair well with any Superbowl snack you make!    Here is my review of each of the beers, with some food pairing ideas….

Blond:   This beer poured clear golden yellow, with a strong head, and fragrant bouquet.   Serve this beer cold, as it drinks crisper than when it is warmer.  It has a faint malt taste, with a little hop on the back end.  Flavors of light lemon and as it warms, a slight caramel.  A light-flavored lager, this Blond pairs well with savory/spicy foods, such as chili, hot wings, chex mix, and jalapeno poppers.

Redhead:  This beer poured darker than I expected, but its a beautiful dark ruby red. The Redhead was crisp and lighter than one would expect for a dark red, with a very slight cream head.  It was smooth with a slight nip.  This ale would be great with cheesy appetizers, such as potato skins, homemade pretzels and cheese dip, and loaded nachos and cheese.

 Brunette:  The brunette poured a nice toasty chestnut, with a small, but creamy head.  Notes of coffee and chocolate, with a creamier hop finish than you find with many other dark beers.  As it warmed, it had a slight taste of toffee.  This was a refreshing light beer for being so dark; not thick or heavy.  It had a slight nip of hop, but not overpowering.   This ale would go great with  tangy dishes, such as spicy asian wings, sweet and sour meatballs, and sausage and peppers with a spicy honey mustard.  It would also pair well with chocolate and cream desserts, such as brownies or cheesecake. 

I’m a dark ale girl, but of all three Firemans Brews, my favorite was the Readhead, with the Brunette as a close second.  I am excited to get more Firemans Brew for our Superbowl party, and see what other flavor combinations would go with these beers.  What kinds of foods are you going to have for your Superbowl party?  Which beer are you most excited to try?  If you find a food that pairs well with your Firemans Brew, please let me know!  

By the way, since most Superbowl parties (at least with my crowd) are family-friendly, Firemans Brew also has non-alcoholic rootbeer for the kids.  They are also coming out with a cream soda, as well as a black cherry soda!

For more information about Firemans Brew, visit their website.  You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook

Disclosure:  I received samples of Firemans Brew to try, but received no monetary compensation for this review.  My opinions are 100% my own! 

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