DIY Swirl Paint Glass Ornaments

(I originally published this 12/03/09 but I have more traffic now, so thought it could use a bump up!)
To make the ornaments, you will need the following:
  • Clear glass ornaments with removeable top (I get my glass ornaments at Michaels)
  • Acrylic paints in various colors. (I like the Folk Art metallic paints, but you can use any colors)
  • Paper plate
  • Small Paper cups
  • Paper towels
  • Newspaper
Spread the newspaper out on the surface you will use to make the ornaments.  Lay out your paper plate and paper cups.  Set paper towels within reach.  Wash and air dry the glass ornaments before use, making certain that they are completely dry before adding the paint.
Pick two or three colors of coordinating color paint. Shake the closed paint tube. Working over the paper plate, open and drizzle a little bit of paint down the inside surface of the glass ornament.  Do the same with the remaining colors.  The metallic and pearl tinted paints add a nice festive touch to the ornament, so try to have at least one of the colors a metallic paint.
Work quickly so you swirl the colors before they “set”. Once you have added all your paint, slowly swirl the paint together inside of the ornament, making certain you cover all inside surface of the glass. (Note: Sometimes I will let the ornament set for a few hours on its side, in the paper cup. If you do this, it will definitely blend the colors more, but you still have to manually swirl the paint every 20 minutes or so, so the paint does not dry. If it dries, you will have uneven surfaces, and the paint may even peel up in, once it is exposed to the remaining wet paint.)
When you are satisfied with the color blend, take your ornament and set it upside down (open end down) in the paper cup. This will drain the paint from the ornament. Allow to drain about 15 minutes.
Go grab a cup of cocoa or a gingerbread cookie…it is the holidays afterall!
When the ornament is finished draining, wipe the paint drips from the lip and place face up in a clean paper cup. Allow to dry overnight. When dry, put metal clip back on the ornament and it is ready to hang!