Disney Studio Pictures Teases With A New Ironman 3 Trailer

May 3rd cannot come fast enough for me!

Disney Studio Pictures has made it their mission to torture taunt tease us, by releasing a new Ironman 3 film trailer on Yahoo, before the big release on May 3rd.  I’ll share this trailor with you below, but please remember, I have no control over movie scheduling.  I am not magic, and cannot make it appear in theaters before May 3rd, as much as I’d like to do that.  I cannot wave a magic wand, and say say bibbity bobbity boo, and the movie will suddenly appear in theaters!  No, I am mere mortal, and have no abilities to end our suffering.  The only consulation I have is that May 3rd is less than two months away, and then the torture will be over…unless they release another trailer.  I suggest you ease the pain by going to see Oz, The Great and Powerful a few times. 

Ah, the sweet pain!

Disclosure:  I received no monetary compensation for this post, but am hoping to preview the movie before it hits theaters.