Chelsea’s Kitchen: A Phoenix Restaurant Review

Doll Face and I recently had dinner at the trendy Phoenix restaurant, Chelsea’s Kitchen, and what a wonderfully delicious time we had!   

We did not know what to expect from Chelsea’s Kitchen before we arrived-the website advertised it was a “Arizona roadhouse on the canal, that pays tribute to the heritage and history of the area”…the area being the Biltmore/Camelback corridor of Phoenix, a stones throw from Scottsdale.  They call it Chelsea’s Kitchen, but it should be called Chelsea’s Living Room-when we walked in, we thought we were walking into a close friends living room, rather than a restaurant.

The decor is modern, yet charmingly kitschy, with long leather booths, floor-to-ceiling draperies (just like you’d find at Gramma’s house), and a stainless steel kitchen counter area, where you can watch the chefs as they prepare your food.

The back patio area has a long open area bar, a huge fireplace, and twinkle lights in the trees, creating a relaxing, carefree environment. 

Fresh is the key word at Chelsea’s-every single bite (or sip) we tried was incredibly fresh!  When we first arrived, we sat at the bar with a glass of their famous white sangria, as well as a plate of fresh chips and guacamole.  The sangria had slices of fresh apples and oranges in it, and was incredibly refreshing.

The guacamole….what can I say about the guacamole…it was chunky yet creamy, with the zip of fresh green onion, cilantro, roasted tomatillo, and lime….I am still dreaming about that guacamole, it was the best I…have…ever…had (in my entire life!)

 After a short wait (we did not have reservations), we were seated at one of the cozy booths, amongst tables of lively laughing patrons-everyone was here to have a good time, including us!  Chelsea’s Kitchen is the kind of place that I imagine is a regular hang-out for many people-I half expected Norm (you know, from Cheers) to stroll in.

We enjoyed our glass of sangria so much, we decided to order a pitcher, and our hostess mixed it fresh at the table for us.

We ordered our meals, and enjoyed the end of the guacamole….if I weren’t such a lady (snort), I would have licked out the bowl…but I had to be content with scrapping every last morsel out with the last of crispy the tortilla chips.  Our dinners came quickly….Doll Face had the Howie Burger with Gruyere, caramelized onions, and a Dijon sauce; I had the braised short ribs tacos.    Doll Face loved her burger-it was juicy and fresh, with large wedges of caramelized onion.

My short ribs tacos were fall-off-the bone delectable.  Moist and savory, the short rib meat was accompanied by more guacamole (hallelujah), as well as a delicious shredded kale slaw.

Although the place was busy, we did not feel rushed, nor felt the noise level was overbearing.  We sipped our sangria, nibbled at our scrumptious dinner (oh, who am I kidding-we devoured it), and enjoyed a relaxing, kid-free evening.   Two dishes I would like to try when I make my next visit to Chelsea’s is the Brussels Spouts salad, and the baked macaroni and cheese…and the rotisserie chicken….and the tuna sashimi….let’s just say I am definitely coming back, again and again. 

This place does not have “roadhouse” prices, so be prepared to bring your wallet. Doll Face’s burger was $16 and my short rib tacos were $18; the guacamole and chips were $10, and our pitcher of Sangria was $7 a glass/$21 a pitcher…but I firmly believe that you get what you pay for, and at Chelsea’s Kitchen, we paid for delicious, freshly prepared gourmet cuisine.

This is a great place to bring out-of-town guests, for a “girls night” out, or a “date” night.  Chelsea’s has a kid-friendly menu and atmosphere, and you can dress casual.  Parking is limited, so use the valet parking, and be sure to make reservations for quicker seating.

For more information on Chelsea’s Kitchen, visit their website at

Disclaimer:  This was an anonymous visit/review of Chelsea’s Kitchen.  I received no monetary or product compensation, and Chelsea’s Kitchen did not know I would be reviewing.

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