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  1. Jessica Whitehouse
    Jessica Whitehouse at |

    My husband has the best “secret” recipe for green bean casserole! We get asked every year for him to make it… even I don’t know the whole recipe.

  2. Michele P
    Michele P at |

    even though it is not a traditional holiday dessert, everyone likes my banana split cake and asks me to bring it with me when we do potlucks or have friends and family over.

  3. Annmarie W.
    Annmarie W. at |

    I am all about the stuffing…at Thanksgiving AND at Christmas!

  4. Courtney Schmidt
    Courtney Schmidt at |

    baked corn was a favorite from long ago that I could make as a child. thats probably my favorite vegetable casserole to make at the holidays. 😉
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  5. MaryAnn
    MaryAnn at |

    Green bean casserole

  6. sarah buki
    sarah buki at |

    loaded mashed poatotes!

  7. leeann boggs
    leeann boggs at |

    My favorite dish is Banana pudding. It’s my husband’s grandmother’s old recipe and is absolutely delectable. Now it is carried on to our family tradition for the holidays and we look forward to it every year.

  8. Mary Williams
    Mary Williams at |

    I always serve Green Bean Casserole. Everyone always insists that I bring it.

  9. Christina Swenson
    Christina Swenson at |

    My favorite dish to serve for the holidays is stuffing!

  10. Shelley
    Shelley at |

    Sweet potato casserole

  11. Megan Sweet
    Megan Sweet at |

    Mango-ham! It’s basically a regular ham, but instead of putting pineapple on the top, it’s got mango on it! It’s awesome!
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  12. Debra Holloway
    Debra Holloway at |

    My favorite dish to serve over the holidays is baked ham. My family loves it.

  13. Katy
    Katy at |

    I love to serve (and eat) baked corn!!!! YUM!
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  14. Danalee Davis
    Danalee Davis at |

    I love Mashed potatoes and gravy and homemade rolls. My faves.

  15. Shea Adams
    Shea Adams at |

    I Love to serve Green Bean Casserole for the holidays!

  16. Janet
    Janet at |

    I agree sour cream added to mac and cheese is delish! These dishes would be fantastic

  17. heather
    heather at |

    I love to make a green bean casserole for the holiday season.

  18. Debbie Lewis
    Debbie Lewis at |

    I love the dressing that goes with a big turkey dinner

  19. taylor h
    taylor h at |

    Our family always serves German Potato Salad during the holidays, I can’t wait.

  20. ronda peyton
    ronda peyton at |

    Pumpkin pie

  21. leslie roberts
    leslie roberts at |

    Desserts are My favorite to cook, but I love cooking lots of different types of food, banana split cake is the best

  22. claire
    claire at |

    I like to serve candied yams.

  23. Maria B
    Maria B at |

    My grandmother’s hamburger and linguica stuffing is my favorite dish to make.

  24. Madalyn Haire
    Madalyn Haire at |

    I love serving homemade cornbread dressing/stuffing & gravy although ironically I’m not a turkey eater, lol
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  25. Allison S.
    Allison S. at |

    I love serving, and eating, mashed potatoes.

  26. nora fraser
    nora fraser at |

    My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

  27. Sunnie
    Sunnie at |

    I like to make a homemade green bean casserole.

  28. Debra F
    Debra F at |

    I love to make Sweet Potato Casserole. Even those that hate sweet potatoes fall in love with Sweet Potato Casserole.

  29. Rhonda Grisham
    Rhonda Grisham at |

    I make a mean Peach Cobbler for the holidays. Everyone likes it so I stick with it..lol

  30. Shannon Gould
    Shannon Gould at |

    I love any sort of dessert , especially pies!

  31. Sara
    Sara at |

    Homemade dinner rolls
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  32. Jillian T
    Jillian T at |

    I love to make Broccoli Casserole using my aunt’s family recipe.

  33. Teresa Thompson
    Teresa Thompson at |

    My favorites are dressing and broccoli casserole.

  34. Amanda E.
    Amanda E. at |

    Turkey of course :-)

  35. dori
    dori at |

    green bean casserole!

  36. Janell Poulette
    Janell Poulette at |

    I love to serve any types of desserts for the holidays.
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  37. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    My favorite holiday dish to make would be sweet potato casserole.

  38. Sarah Jestings
    Sarah Jestings at |

    I love to make and serve baked macaroni and cheese. Everybody loves it :)
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  39. Cori Westphal
    Cori Westphal at |

    It’s not Thanksgiving without some crispy cheesy hashbrowns! Yum!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  40. Andrea V
    Andrea V at |

    My great grandma lived to be 101 years old. She always cooked great food and she left her recipes behind for my grandma, mom and I. So we often make her pies and layered salads for the holidays (:

  41. Sutapa Basu
    Sutapa Basu at |

    Corn pudding and anything filled or topped with cranberry chutney.
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  42. Jenny Stanek
    Jenny Stanek at |

    Definitely lasagna!

  43. Stephanie Harriel
    Stephanie Harriel at |


  44. Robyn L
    Robyn L at |

    I love to make my mother’s recipe for sausage stuffing. But the best things I love to make for the holidays are the desserts, pies, cakes and cookies!

  45. Rebecca
    Rebecca at |

    My favorite pie for the holidays is Pecan pie!

  46. Lori
    Lori at |

    Baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie are my favorite.

  47. Zest and Leisure
    Zest and Leisure at |

    My favorite is whole chicken roast in Indian spices
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  48. Karen D
    Karen D at |

    I like to serve lasagna for Christmas Eve and figgy pudding and hard sauce for Christmas Day dessert

  49. Rebecca Orr
    Rebecca Orr at |

    My grandma’s recipe for a casserole made of turkey , stuffing, and gravy. It is so delicious. I loved it as a child and still do as an adult.

  50. Cindy
    Cindy at |

    Pumpkin pie.

    BETH CLARK at |

    I love to make sweet potato casserole.

  52. Laura J
    Laura J at |

    OH I love to make my Parmesan Hashbrown potatoes! Everyones favorite!

  53. Lauren
    Lauren at |

    Sweet potato with marshmallows

  54. Nicole Millheim
    Nicole Millheim at |

    I love to serve Glazed Ham at the HOlidays

  55. Austin Baroudi
    Austin Baroudi at |


  56. Ashley Morrissey
    Ashley Morrissey at |

    Cream cheese mashed potatoes!

  57. Gail Fernandez
    Gail Fernandez at |

    My favorite dish to serve is lasagna.

  58. Anna E.
    Anna E. at |

    Ham and Cranberry!!

  59. lori clark
    lori clark at |

    Chicken and dressing ,dumplings and cornbread. Everyone loves a good ole , home cooked meal!

  60. Danielle Jones
    Danielle Jones at |

    I love to make broccoli and cheese casserole. Everyone always wants me to bring it to family dinners.

  61. Kortney Lah
    Kortney Lah at |

    Corn succatash and my grandmother’s famous Kristina Kringler.

  62. LeeAnn G Taylor
    LeeAnn G Taylor at |

    I love to serve sweet potato casserole for the holidays.
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  63. Vicki Howes
    Vicki Howes at |

    I love a lobster bisque and prime rib and butternut squash and and and. Did you mean just one dish – than I would have to say cinnamon rolls to start the day.

  64. liz l
    liz l at |

    Turducken. Yum!

  65. Heather
    Heather at |

    I love making my Gram’s cornbread pudding casserole. I am the only who can get it to taste as good as she did.

  66. Cindy Miner
    Cindy Miner at |

    I like to serve Pumpkin Pie because it is soo good.

  67. Melissa S
    Melissa S at |

    I make Ny style cheesecake for the holidays, it alkways gets a great reception so I ;ove serving it.

  68. lauren
    lauren at |

    Mashed Potatos

  69. kathy b
    kathy b at |

    I like to serve an old recipe called poor man’s lasagna
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  70. Aimee
    Aimee at |

    My favorite dish(es) to serve are homemade mac n cheese and I make a relaly rich chocolate cake with salted carmel buttercream frosting that is amazing.

  71. Jen D
    Jen D at |

    corn souffle

  72. Brigitte B
    Brigitte B at |

    My favorite meal to serve is during the holiday is Curry Ginger Pork Chops with a side dish of Broccoli Coleslaw followed by Sweet Potato Pie.

  73. Danya
    Danya at |

    Pumpkin pie!!!

  74. Dawn Monroe
    Dawn Monroe at |

    I enjoy making home made stuffing and gravy. We love it!

  75. K Davis
    K Davis at |

    We love pecan pie.

  76. Kelli G
    Kelli G at |

    I love to serve garlic mashed potatoes, they’re awesome with gravy or without

  77. Mandy Kauffman
    Mandy Kauffman at |

    I love making homemade cranberry relish to serve with the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  78. teresa
    teresa at |

    Green bean casserole!
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  79. Corey Olomon
    Corey Olomon at |

    My kids love my Pumpkin Pie!

  80. Sharon McIntyre
    Sharon McIntyre at |

    I love spriral sliced glazed ham for Thanksgiving!

  81. Nichole
    Nichole at |

    My favorite dish to make is cheesy potato casserole. Thank you!

  82. Sarah Matos
    Sarah Matos at |

    My favorite dish to serve during the holidays is green bean casserole. Its always a big hit.

  83. Lynn C
    Lynn C at |

    I like to serve sweet potatoes with marshmallows

  84. jodi
    jodi at |

    my favorite meal to serve for the holidays is a prime rib roast encrusted with garlic and fresh herbs

  85. Tabitha
    Tabitha at |

    I have a great sausage stuffing I make only on Thanksgiving or Christmas.
    It’s so moist and yummy.
    Did I mention there is bacon….

  86. montanna sutherland
    montanna sutherland at |

    I love the pumpkin flavored dishes. Please dont make me chose just one!

  87. Deb K
    Deb K at |

    My favorite thing to serve is a baked ham!
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  88. Brynna
    Brynna at |

    Any kind of pie…I love baking pies!

  89. Darlene Owen
    Darlene Owen at |

    My favorite dish is green been casserole.

  90. AndreaH
    AndreaH at |

    My favorite dish to serve during the holidays is candied yams. I love those things!

  91. Jaye Lorton
    Jaye Lorton at |

    Homemade sweet potato soufflé with a buttery, crunchy pecan streus topping. Yum!

  92. Ashley H
    Ashley H at |

    Glazed ham.

  93. Heather
    Heather at |

    Love to serve pies…pumpkin, pecan, apple. They’re all mandatory.

  94. Hannah
    Hannah at |

    Oooh gorgeous! I have some vintage corningware that I loooove. I wouldn’t mind some more :)
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    1. Hannah
      Hannah at |

      Oh my favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes so if I could fill every dish with different kinds of mashed potatoes I would!
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  95. Ashley M
    Ashley M at |

    I love Chicken and Dumplings during holidays

  96. Wes Hovorka
    Wes Hovorka at |

    My favorite dish to serve is cheesy potato casserole.

  97. Taryn T.
    Taryn T. at |

    My favorite dishes to serve during the holidays are not the most glamorous, but have been in the family for years! Cornbread drop biscuits and five cup salad!

  98. Ellen casper
    Ellen casper at |

    Sweet potato casserole with marshmallow topping!

  99. Terri Moore
    Terri Moore at |

    For the Holidays my favorite dish is to take fresh sweet potatoes and cook them slowly with butter, molasses, brown sugar and nutmeg. I make lots because they are also my favorite left over too.

  100. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    I love green bean casserole. :)

  101. Leela
    Leela at |

    I love making spiral, glazed ham.

  102. klynn
    klynn at |

    My favorite dish to serve is Cheesy Potatoes. The huge pan is empty every time.

  103. mechele johnson
    mechele johnson at |

    Desserts!!!! I am always in charge of the dessert. I usually make an old fashioned pumpkin pie, a pumpkin cheesecake, a caramel apple pie, and pecan pie flavored cupcakes!

  104. Shelia S
    Shelia S at |

    I love to bake pies for the holidays.
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  105. Jessica Beard
    Jessica Beard at |

    I like serving turkey and stuffing.

  106. Sarah Oswald
    Sarah Oswald at |

    I love a dish my sister makes I dont know what its called but she drains sweet potatoes and mashes them up and heats them up with crushed pineapple and butter and brown sugar. I love it and I always put some away for later for myself. It is excellent cold or hot!

  107. Bridget Hopper
    Bridget Hopper at |

    Chicken casserole

  108. lisa g
    lisa g at |

    We make tamales once a year at Christmas because they are so time consuming and seriously labor intensive. Man are they good!!

  109. Fiona N
    Fiona N at |

    My favorite dish is sweet creme pumpkin soup!
    Thank You for the great giveaway!!

  110. Pam Sims
    Pam Sims at |

    I love to make homemade dressing. I dice red onions, green peppers, celery and one red pepper. Then I fry off sage flavored sausage, add chicken broth, then homemade bread cubes. Then I mix it all together and place in a greased casserole dish and bake at 350 for about one hour.

  111. Annette Cruz
    Annette Cruz at |

    I love fresh Mashed Potatoes with homemade gravy. Yum!!!!!

  112. Rhea Chladek
    Rhea Chladek at |

    I love a good ham, with mashed potatoes, gravy and rolls.
    For dessert, a scrumptious apple crisp and pumpkin pie are always winners!

  113. Marion Ugolini
    Marion Ugolini at |

    Ham and turkey

  114. Michelle Cartagena
    Michelle Cartagena at |

    Anything sweet potato

  115. Angela Hendricks
    Angela Hendricks at |

    My favorite dish to make is a tie between squash casserole and baked Mac and cheese.

  116. Ronda
    Ronda at |

    I love to serve Cheesecake at the holidays. Everyone loves it.

  117. Kristen Marsh
    Kristen Marsh at |

    I love making something creative with vegetables like roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, or spinach salad, but my family insists I make sweet potatoes with marshmallows!

  118. Susan Campbell
    Susan Campbell at |

    My family love a spiral cut ham with all the fixins!

  119. Shareen Mioskowski
    Shareen Mioskowski at |

    I love to make my Grandmas dishes for the holidays now that she is no longer with us, I am sure she would be proud!

  120. Julia B.
    Julia B. at |

    Sweet potato pie is my favorite dish to make during the holidays.

  121. sheri anderson
    sheri anderson at |

    Everyone really loves my homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and my cornbread dressing comes in second, thanks!

  122. Icar
    Icar at |

    I love baking lately and so I love baking cakes and cupcakes for dessert…but the normal dish we have during the Holidays is baked ham which the whole family shares…
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  123. Yolanda Scott
    Yolanda Scott at |

    I like to make homemade pumpkin pie from actual pumpkins. Lots more work but so worth the time.

  124. Tammy Woodall
    Tammy Woodall at |

    My favorite dish to make is dessert – Chocolate Pecan Pie. It’s always a hit.
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  125. Maggie Anders
    Maggie Anders at |

    I love to make Squash Casserole for holiday dinners, it is a family favorite 😀
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  126. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    Anything that is edible!

  127. Elise @ Sunday Charm
    Elise @ Sunday Charm at |

    I love to serve a baked mac&cheese!

  128. Barb
    Barb at |

    This is awesome. I make a mean stuffing
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  129. Karla T
    Karla T at |

    I don’t celebrate the holidays but my favorite traditional Winter dish is turkey stuffing with gravy!

  130. Karin
    Karin at |

    Pretty dishes! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is sweet potatoes with cranberries. YUM! OK, now I’m hungry.

  131. Michelle J.
    Michelle J. at |

    I love mellow jello!

  132. saralynns2
    saralynns2 at |

    My favorite dish to make for the holidays is stuffing! it is so yummy :)

  133. Alicia Sparks
    Alicia Sparks at |

    I love to serve turkey and homemade cranberry relish… served as sandwiches the next day it’s even better!

  134. Katherine
    Katherine at |

    We always have green bean casserole and a frozen fruit salad recipe from my aunt

  135. Precisely Mine
    Precisely Mine at |

    I like making Cheesy Potatoes and Buffalo Chicken Pasta for the holidays.
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  136. soha molina
    soha molina at |

    I like to serve Pumpkin Pie.

  137. Denise C
    Denise C at |

    I make lasagna for every holiday!

  138. Danielle Porter
    Danielle Porter at |

    My dad taught me how to make a mean sweet potato casserole! I love making it for people!

  139. Nancy
    Nancy at |

    My favorite dish to serve for the holidays is my grandmother’s cornbread dressing.

  140. Heather Swarthout
    Heather Swarthout at |

    I love making Scalloped Corn. It’s delicious! (I also grew up in the heart of where CorningWare was born.. in Corning, NY!)

  141. Sandra Gray
    Sandra Gray at |

    My favorite dish to serve during the holidays is ham, gravy and mashed potatoes! Everybody loves it. My favorite dessert to serve is cheesecake or peanut butter fudge. It’s so hard to decide on one. And don’t ask me which is my fav to eat!

  142. Sonya Morris
    Sonya Morris at |

    I love baking pound cakes and pumpkin pies!

  143. Angela Saver
    Angela Saver at |

    My favorite dish to serve is Green Bean Casserole!


  144. Evelyn Goettner
    Evelyn Goettner at |

    My favorite recipe to serve is my oat topped sweet potato & cranberry crisp.

  145. maleficent m
    maleficent m at |

    green beans with cream of chicken and crunchy onions on top.

  146. Stephanie Bourne
    Stephanie Bourne at |

    I’m always asked to make my homemade Macaroni & Cheese for all of our holiday get-togethers.
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  147. Vera K
    Vera K at |

    Ww always have a brined turkey that everyone loves.

  148. Sherl Bastien
    Sherl Bastien at |

    the great Southern Ham dinner

  149. Cupcake
    Cupcake at |

    My moms recipe for sweet enchiladas. Perfect for the holidays

  150. Brandy Fisk
    Brandy Fisk at |

    Green bean casserole!

  151. rochelle johnson
    rochelle johnson at |

    my wild rice and mushrooms

  152. Ty
    Ty at |

    My favorite recipe to make is beef wellington for the holidays!

  153. Heather S
    Heather S at |

    My fav is mashed potatoes with homemade gravy!

  154. kemberly crosswhite
    kemberly crosswhite at |

    i like serving broccoli and cheese casserole!!! my favorite holiday dish

  155. Rust
    Rust at |

    Chicken and cornbread dressing as a side to my roasted turkey. The kids love it!

  156. Vunda V
    Vunda V at |

    i love doing brunches and making monkey bread!

  157. Samantha Plotkin
    Samantha Plotkin at |

    I make a really good vegan green bean casserole. I have to hide some if I want leftovers after the family leaves!
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  158. Gina H.
    Gina H. at |

    Green bean casserole.

  159. Jolene Johnson
    Jolene Johnson at |

    I love making my pumpkin cheesecake bars! I’ve perfected the recipe and they’re always a hit.

  160. Jenn Short
    Jenn Short at |

    green bean casserole!
    Jenn Short recently posted…Frugal Wedding PlanningMy Profile

  161. Allyson Tice
    Allyson Tice at |

    I love to serve bakes lasagna for the holidays!

  162. Kate Collins
    Kate Collins at |

    Desserts are always my favorite to serve! I love making them look delicious and gorgeous on the plate. The dessert I enjoy decorating the most would have to be a slice of chocolate cake! Whether I drizzle it with chocolate or sprinkle with coconut – its always drool-worthy!

  163. Marilyn Nawara
    Marilyn Nawara at |

    I like to make Apple Crisp — family loves it.

  164. Rachel Coleman
    Rachel Coleman at |

    I like to serve sweet potatoes.

  165. Amy Leach
    Amy Leach at |

    I like to serve Italian Nutbread for the holidays. It’s a family recipe handed down from my great-grandmother.

  166. Luna S
    Luna S at |

    I love making Green Bean Casserole

  167. Holly E
    Holly E at |

    I love serving sweet potato souffle. It’s my favorite.

  168. Linda Meranda
    Linda Meranda at |

    Always turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy & ham. Now i’m hungry

  169. Amy Honious
    Amy Honious at |

    My favorite dish to prepare for the holidays is pecan pie. I have a fool proof, but difficult recipe that is worlds beyond any other recipe I have found but it has many steps so it only gets made around the holidays. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  170. traci bender
    traci bender at |

    My favorite dish to make is Cranberry Relish with walnuts. I use lots of winter spices to compliment the Holiday Turkey :)

  171. Patricia
    Patricia at |

    I like to serve baked ham.

  172. Sarah Hayes
    Sarah Hayes at |

    i like serving mexican mac n cheese

  173. Soo
    Soo at |

    I always make pecan pie – yum :-)

  174. kelly mcgrew
    kelly mcgrew at |

    my favorite dish is an elegant spring greens salad with seasonal toppings like dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, crumbled feta and fresh homemade balsamic dressing.

  175. amy stonger
    amy stonger at |

    My favorite dish to serve is turkey with massed potatoes and homemade gravy.

  176. Kathy Anderson
    Kathy Anderson at |

    I’m hosting for Thanksgiving this year (my first time) and I totally need help!!!!

  177. nicole
    nicole at |

    Sweet potato casserole!

  178. Donna L
    Donna L at |

    I like to serve twice baked potatoes and of course the turkey.

  179. jenn giannetto
    jenn giannetto at |

    I am the pie baker in my family. i make apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin cheesecake every Thanksgiving and i absolutely love sharing them with family and friends.

  180. jane martin
    jane martin at |

    Stuffed Chicken Breast with Gravy or
    Gene Wenger Ham Loaf

  181. Sarah Cool
    Sarah Cool at |

    I love making (and eating) green bean casserole, yum!

  182. mona
    mona at |

    Creamed corn

  183. Stacie S-H
    Stacie S-H at |

    My speciality to serve is stuffed celery

  184. Kathy Davis
    Kathy Davis at |

    I love to make my pumpkin pie cake. It is always a hit.

  185. Pam O
    Pam O at |

    I like to serve green bean casserole and homemade pie.

  186. Holly Mitkowski
    Holly Mitkowski at |

    Vegan american perogies are my favorite!

  187. kathy dalton
    kathy dalton at |

    i love green bean casserole and turkey of course

  188. deanna
    deanna at |

    I like to make a vegetable medley with various squashes. Mmmm so yummy.

  189. Julie L
    Julie L at |

    I love to serve the traditional turkey and fixings!

  190. Vickie
    Vickie at |

    I love to make the family dressing…wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.
    Vickie recently posted…Goals for the Week- Some are Never Ending!My Profile

  191. Kittyfrog
    Kittyfrog at |

    Garlic mashed potatoes.

  192. Ashley C
    Ashley C at |

    I love to make hash brown casserole, it’s such a comfort food :)


  193. latanya
    latanya at |

    potato salad

  194. Robin Mongold
    Robin Mongold at |

    Green bean casserole

  195. Diane Cooper
    Diane Cooper at |

    My favorite dish to make for the holidays is an old fashioned cornbread dressing recipe handed down from my grandmother.

  196. Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy at |

    I like to make ham.

  197. Amy Tebow
    Amy Tebow at |

    Spinach Madeline

  198. Connie
    Connie at |

    My favorite dish to serve is Roast Turkey and homemade gravy…yum!

  199. Nina
    Nina at |

    No holiday dinner is complete without creamy buttery mashed potatoes!

  200. Audra watts
    Audra watts at |

    Cheesy potatoes

  201. Donna Cheatle
    Donna Cheatle at |

    My favorite dish to serve for the holidays is my stuffing. It’s simply amazing!

  202. Dorrie Turner
    Dorrie Turner at |

    It’s a tie between homemade baked stuffing and baked macaroni and cheese.

  203. Dawn Keenan
    Dawn Keenan at |

    I love to make sweet potato casserole on holidays.

  204. Mary Beth Elderton
    Mary Beth Elderton at |

    I like to serve the roasted turkey and dressing

  205. Susan DeVaux
    Susan DeVaux at |

    Green bean casserole

  206. jennifer
    jennifer at |

    My grandpa’s famous cornbread dressing!

  207. Heather Hayes Panjon
    Heather Hayes Panjon at |

    My Favorite Dish To Serve For The Holidays Is Broccoli And Rice Casserole.

  208. Jeanna
    Jeanna at |

    My favorite dish is my homemade pumpkin pie!

  209. Janet W.
    Janet W. at |

    Sweet potato soufflé is my favorite dish to serve!

  210. Amanda Sakovitz
    Amanda Sakovitz at |

    I love serving ham!

  211. D Schmidt
    D Schmidt at |

    My favorite dish to serve is sage and onion homemade stuffing.

  212. Jessica Menster
    Jessica Menster at |

    I am the dessert and candies lady! I love making truffles and a nice peppermint chocolate dessert at Christmas!

  213. nicole
    nicole at |

    My favorite dish to serve is honey baked ham for the holidays.

  214. tiffany
    tiffany at |

    Candied yams! Ok stuffing too!

  215. mita
    mita at |

    I like to make broccoli and cheese casserole.

  216. neeha
    neeha at |

    I love to make turkey and stuffing. Bake a cake with creamy frosting, make special drinks and prepare a whole day of fun, food and family time. Its just the perfect time around holidays. I love it so much.

  217. Heidi Daily
    Heidi Daily at |

    Every holiday and big family gathering, I have to make my broccoli and cheese casserole, everyone loves it and it is gone in no time!

  218. Sarah C
    Sarah C at |

    I like to make Orange Jello Salad.

  219. Dandi D
    Dandi D at |

    Oh, man, it would definitely be sweet potato casserole!

  220. christine j
    christine j at |

    this is so pretty! i love to bake ham for the holidays

  221. The Food Hunter
    The Food Hunter at |

    I love making lasagna

  222. Alicia
    Alicia at |

    pumpkin torte <3

  223. Ellie Wright
    Ellie Wright at |

    Cornbread dressing is my favorite. My family always requests it. That and my banana pudding.

  224. Kristen
    Kristen at |

    I usually bring the pie. Everyone loves the Pumpkin Butter Cheesecake Pie.

  225. Birdiebee
    Birdiebee at |

    My favorite dish to serve for the holiday is cheesy potatoes.

  226. Karen Glatt
    Karen Glatt at |

    My favorite dish to make for the Holidays is my Sweet Potato Cassarole. It is so delicous!

  227. Stephanie Phelps
    Stephanie Phelps at |

    Everybody seems to love my Sweet Potato Casserole but I love to cook the turkey!

  228. tammigirl
    tammigirl at |

    The thing I look forward to the most is the au grautin potatoes. They’re so rich and less than healthy that we only have them twice a year. But I dream about them all year long.
    tammigirl recently posted…How To Waste Time Like a ProMy Profile

  229. Kelly D
    Kelly D at |

    I like to serve candied yams.

  230. Peggy Johnson
    Peggy Johnson at |

    Broccoli Casserole

  231. Tina W
    Tina W at |

    I love a streusal-topped sweet potato casserole – just delicious.

  232. Pat Cohn
    Pat Cohn at |

    Great table display.. especially like the Swept white dishes. I found the nearest store. My favorite dish: Holiday Salad, with red navel orange slices topped with pomegranate & slivered fennel. It looks appetizing when served on a round platter.

  233. Mary
    Mary at |

    Years ago my grandmother sent us a Honeybaked Ham for Christmas and so that became the traditional Christmas day main course. With 4 kids our schedule on Christmas Eve has always been pretty hectic – between finishing up last minute Christmas details, opening a few presents and going to midnight mass, it seems like our entire day is on the go. So a few years back I brought pizza home for dinner on Christmas Eve and when my hubby asked “What is this?” I replied “It’s our traditional Christmas Eve Pizza”. The following years the kids insisted on pizza because it was a “tradition” (well at least it became one that year). So the long answer is that I don’t really cook that much and so anything that is easy and as few steps as possible is my ideal Holiday Food to prepare.
    Mary recently posted…One Journey Many PathsMy Profile

  234. Jennifer Reynolds
    Jennifer Reynolds at |

    What a wonderful giveaway! Good luck everyone!
    Jennifer Reynolds recently posted…Cra-Z-Loom Vs. Fun Loom etc.My Profile

  235. Dawn Monroe
    Dawn Monroe at |

    My favorite dish to make for the holidays is a baked squash casserole! It reminds me of Fall and each of my children eat it up!
    Dawn Monroe recently posted…Sing Along at The Veggie Tales Live TourMy Profile

  236. e michelle
    e michelle at |

    I love to make baked Mac and cheese :-) last year I found a great recipe from my fav cook Paula Deen. She added a little sour creme, it was the best thing I ever tasted :-) making it again this year :-)

Comments are closed.

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