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A Holiday Tablescape with CorningWare, Corelle and More & A $250 Giveaway

CorningWare 21The holidays are right around the corner, and we always have a house full of family and friends…which means lots of meals.   I usually have the turkey, stuffing, and pie covered, but our dining room table….that’s another story.  I spend weeks perfecting my recipes,  but spend five minutes decorating the table and it shows!  By creating a holiday tablescape with CorningWare, Corelle and More, I was able to take care of my holiday dishes and my holiday table!

When CorningWare invited me to create a holiday tablescape, using CorningWare, Corelle, and other products from the store CorningWare, Corelle and More, I panicked.  I can’t even match my socks on a daily basis–how was I going to put together plates, silverware, napkins, and serveware?  But then I thought about it a few minutes.  Corelle has so many gorgeous dish patterns, and the CorningWare CW by CorningWare and French White collections would be lovely on my table. plus, the gorgeous fall jewel tones of red, gold and green were perfect to accent the CorningWare and Corelle pieces.  With a little help from CorningWare, Corelle and More, I had this holiday tablescape thing covered!

I popped into my local CorningWare, Corelle and More store to gather pieces for my tablescape.  The assistant manager, Robin was ready to show me the new and popular Corelle dish patterns,  new CorningWare serveware, their full line of Chicago Cutlery knives, and other new and popular dishes.  CorningWare, Corelle and More had more in stock than I remembered; not just dish and serveware, but cooking utensils and everyday tools that I need and use in my kitchen.

Garden Paradise
Corelle Garden Paradise (Photo courtesy Corelle)

I was especially impressed with the selection of open stock Corelle dishware, as well as the ability to mix and match designs.  There were so many patterns, I could not decide what I wanted to use.  At first I had my eye on the Watercolors design.  I also liked the Garden Paradise dinner plates, with Emma Jane luncheon plates, but in the end, I decided on the Swept pattern, with its white swirl on white pattern.

Corelle Swept (Photo courtesy of Corelle)

I also picked out Cambridge silverware, new Chicago Cutlery steak knives, French White serving dishes, a CorningWare Etch pie plate, and other serving dishes.  I wanted to accent the white of the Swept pattern, and Robin helped me find some adorable green crocks I could use for soup or an appetizer. I had everything I needed for my holiday tablescape, plus tools for my holiday cooking!

I walked out of CorningWare, Corelle and More with more products than I expected and got a lot for my money.  The open stock dishware was on sale buy 3, get 1 free, the The French White serveware came in a six-piece baking set for $21.99, and everything else was at least 40% off regular retail pricing.  I was given a budget of $250, but there were so many great deals and products I wanted, I went a little crazy shopping and spent almost $100 more.

My Tablescape

I used gold chargers for the base, the Swept dinner and luncheon dishes, the green crocks (with fresh pears and apples placed inside), and red wine glasses.

Corelle 8CorningWare 15The white Corelle dishes really showcase the colors of fall on the table, and the swirl in the pattern gives the dishes an elegant touch.  I also used the new Cambridge silverware and Chicago Cutlery steak knives, and a red, green, and gold cloth napkin. I envisioned creamy pumpkin pie in my new green CorningWare Etch pie plate, whipped sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans in my new French White baking dishes, roasted artichokes on the French White platter with bamboo insert, and cranberry sauces in my serving dish.

Corelle 10Corelle 11Corelle 12CorningWare 22Corelle 14Every piece on my table, except the sunflowers, fresh fruit, gold chargers, candles, and napkins were from the CorningWare, Corelle and More store.  I think my table is perfect, don’t you?

Corelle 2Corelle 13Corelle 6{Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of CorningWare, Corelle and More, but my opinions and tablescape designs are 100% my own.}

To find a CorningWare, Corelle and More store near you, visit their store locator.

The Giveaway

Do you struggle to create a beautiful holiday table too? Make life easier this holiday with gorgeous dishware, serveware, and more from CorningWare, Corelle and More, with a $250 gift card to shop.  One person will win a $250 to their local CorningWare, Corelle, and More store.


  • No purchase necessary
  • Please answer the following question in comments:  What is your favorite dish to serve for the holidays?
  • Open to residents of the US, 18+ years of age.
  • Gift card can only be used at a CorningWare, Corelle and More store.  Please check that you have a store conveniently located.
  • Gift card cannot be used online.
  • Giveaway ends November 2, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Winner will be randomly drawn by Rafflecopter.

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Julie is the Arizona-based lifestyle writer/editor of A Cork, Fork, & Passport. She is an accomplished chef, traveler, kid wrangler, dachshund chaser, and social media expert.

237 thoughts on “A Holiday Tablescape with CorningWare, Corelle and More & A $250 Giveaway

  1. My husband has the best “secret” recipe for green bean casserole! We get asked every year for him to make it… even I don’t know the whole recipe.

  2. even though it is not a traditional holiday dessert, everyone likes my banana split cake and asks me to bring it with me when we do potlucks or have friends and family over.

  3. My favorite dish is Banana pudding. It’s my husband’s grandmother’s old recipe and is absolutely delectable. Now it is carried on to our family tradition for the holidays and we look forward to it every year.

  4. I always serve Green Bean Casserole. Everyone always insists that I bring it.

  5. My favorite dish to serve over the holidays is baked ham. My family loves it.

  6. I agree sour cream added to mac and cheese is delish! These dishes would be fantastic

  7. Desserts are My favorite to cook, but I love cooking lots of different types of food, banana split cake is the best

  8. I love to make Sweet Potato Casserole. Even those that hate sweet potatoes fall in love with Sweet Potato Casserole.

  9. I make a mean Peach Cobbler for the holidays. Everyone likes it so I stick with

  10. My great grandma lived to be 101 years old. She always cooked great food and she left her recipes behind for my grandma, mom and I. So we often make her pies and layered salads for the holidays (:

  11. I love to make my mother’s recipe for sausage stuffing. But the best things I love to make for the holidays are the desserts, pies, cakes and cookies!

  12. I like to serve lasagna for Christmas Eve and figgy pudding and hard sauce for Christmas Day dessert

  13. My grandma’s recipe for a casserole made of turkey , stuffing, and gravy. It is so delicious. I loved it as a child and still do as an adult.

  14. Chicken and dressing ,dumplings and cornbread. Everyone loves a good ole , home cooked meal!

  15. I love to make broccoli and cheese casserole. Everyone always wants me to bring it to family dinners.

  16. I love a lobster bisque and prime rib and butternut squash and and and. Did you mean just one dish – than I would have to say cinnamon rolls to start the day.

  17. I love making my Gram’s cornbread pudding casserole. I am the only who can get it to taste as good as she did.

  18. I make Ny style cheesecake for the holidays, it alkways gets a great reception so I ;ove serving it.

  19. My favorite dish(es) to serve are homemade mac n cheese and I make a relaly rich chocolate cake with salted carmel buttercream frosting that is amazing.

  20. My favorite meal to serve is during the holiday is Curry Ginger Pork Chops with a side dish of Broccoli Coleslaw followed by Sweet Potato Pie.

  21. I love making homemade cranberry relish to serve with the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  22. My favorite dish to serve during the holidays is green bean casserole. Its always a big hit.

  23. my favorite meal to serve for the holidays is a prime rib roast encrusted with garlic and fresh herbs

  24. I have a great sausage stuffing I make only on Thanksgiving or Christmas.
    It’s so moist and yummy.
    Did I mention there is bacon….

  25. My favorite dish to serve during the holidays is candied yams. I love those things!

  26. Homemade sweet potato soufflé with a buttery, crunchy pecan streus topping. Yum!

  27. My favorite dishes to serve during the holidays are not the most glamorous, but have been in the family for years! Cornbread drop biscuits and five cup salad!

  28. For the Holidays my favorite dish is to take fresh sweet potatoes and cook them slowly with butter, molasses, brown sugar and nutmeg. I make lots because they are also my favorite left over too.

  29. Desserts!!!! I am always in charge of the dessert. I usually make an old fashioned pumpkin pie, a pumpkin cheesecake, a caramel apple pie, and pecan pie flavored cupcakes!

  30. I love a dish my sister makes I dont know what its called but she drains sweet potatoes and mashes them up and heats them up with crushed pineapple and butter and brown sugar. I love it and I always put some away for later for myself. It is excellent cold or hot!

  31. We make tamales once a year at Christmas because they are so time consuming and seriously labor intensive. Man are they good!!

  32. I love to make homemade dressing. I dice red onions, green peppers, celery and one red pepper. Then I fry off sage flavored sausage, add chicken broth, then homemade bread cubes. Then I mix it all together and place in a greased casserole dish and bake at 350 for about one hour.

  33. I love a good ham, with mashed potatoes, gravy and rolls.
    For dessert, a scrumptious apple crisp and pumpkin pie are always winners!

  34. My favorite dish to make is a tie between squash casserole and baked Mac and cheese.

  35. I love making something creative with vegetables like roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, or spinach salad, but my family insists I make sweet potatoes with marshmallows!

  36. I love to make my Grandmas dishes for the holidays now that she is no longer with us, I am sure she would be proud!

  37. Everyone really loves my homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and my cornbread dressing comes in second, thanks!

  38. I like to make homemade pumpkin pie from actual pumpkins. Lots more work but so worth the time.

  39. I don’t celebrate the holidays but my favorite traditional Winter dish is turkey stuffing with gravy!

  40. I love to serve turkey and homemade cranberry relish… served as sandwiches the next day it’s even better!

  41. My dad taught me how to make a mean sweet potato casserole! I love making it for people!

  42. My favorite dish to serve during the holidays is ham, gravy and mashed potatoes! Everybody loves it. My favorite dessert to serve is cheesecake or peanut butter fudge. It’s so hard to decide on one. And don’t ask me which is my fav to eat!

  43. My favorite recipe to serve is my oat topped sweet potato & cranberry crisp.

  44. I love making my pumpkin cheesecake bars! I’ve perfected the recipe and they’re always a hit.

  45. Desserts are always my favorite to serve! I love making them look delicious and gorgeous on the plate. The dessert I enjoy decorating the most would have to be a slice of chocolate cake! Whether I drizzle it with chocolate or sprinkle with coconut – its always drool-worthy!

  46. I like to serve Italian Nutbread for the holidays. It’s a family recipe handed down from my great-grandmother.

  47. My favorite dish to prepare for the holidays is pecan pie. I have a fool proof, but difficult recipe that is worlds beyond any other recipe I have found but it has many steps so it only gets made around the holidays. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  48. My favorite dish to make is Cranberry Relish with walnuts. I use lots of winter spices to compliment the Holiday Turkey :)

  49. my favorite dish is an elegant spring greens salad with seasonal toppings like dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, crumbled feta and fresh homemade balsamic dressing.

  50. I’m hosting for Thanksgiving this year (my first time) and I totally need help!!!!

  51. I am the pie baker in my family. i make apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin cheesecake every Thanksgiving and i absolutely love sharing them with family and friends.

  52. I love to make hash brown casserole, it’s such a comfort food :)


  53. My favorite dish to make for the holidays is an old fashioned cornbread dressing recipe handed down from my grandmother.

  54. My favorite dish to serve for the holidays is my stuffing. It’s simply amazing!

  55. My Favorite Dish To Serve For The Holidays Is Broccoli And Rice Casserole.

  56. I am the dessert and candies lady! I love making truffles and a nice peppermint chocolate dessert at Christmas!

  57. I love to make turkey and stuffing. Bake a cake with creamy frosting, make special drinks and prepare a whole day of fun, food and family time. Its just the perfect time around holidays. I love it so much.

  58. Every holiday and big family gathering, I have to make my broccoli and cheese casserole, everyone loves it and it is gone in no time!

  59. Cornbread dressing is my favorite. My family always requests it. That and my banana pudding.

  60. My favorite dish to make for the Holidays is my Sweet Potato Cassarole. It is so delicous!

  61. Everybody seems to love my Sweet Potato Casserole but I love to cook the turkey!

  62. Great table display.. especially like the Swept white dishes. I found the nearest store. My favorite dish: Holiday Salad, with red navel orange slices topped with pomegranate & slivered fennel. It looks appetizing when served on a round platter.

  63. Years ago my grandmother sent us a Honeybaked Ham for Christmas and so that became the traditional Christmas day main course. With 4 kids our schedule on Christmas Eve has always been pretty hectic – between finishing up last minute Christmas details, opening a few presents and going to midnight mass, it seems like our entire day is on the go. So a few years back I brought pizza home for dinner on Christmas Eve and when my hubby asked “What is this?” I replied “It’s our traditional Christmas Eve Pizza”. The following years the kids insisted on pizza because it was a “tradition” (well at least it became one that year). So the long answer is that I don’t really cook that much and so anything that is easy and as few steps as possible is my ideal Holiday Food to prepare.
    Mary recently posted…One Journey Many PathsMy Profile

  64. I love to make baked Mac and cheese :-) last year I found a great recipe from my fav cook Paula Deen. She added a little sour creme, it was the best thing I ever tasted :-) making it again this year :-)

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