Bacon Apple Brie Bites

You can make this as an appetizer, chock fill of bacon, apple, and brie, or as a popover-like side dish.  I intended the recipe to come out as a mini quiche, but with the addition of the flour, it became a popover.  Light and airy,


A Delicious One Hundred Foot Journey Movie Review

I had a chance to see One Hundred Food Journey this week, and found that the unique ingredients of cooking, culture, family and friendship work to create a culinary (movie) masterpiece!   The Dream Works Picture film, directed by Lasse Halstrom, produced by Steven Spielberg, Oprah

Chicken with Apple Brandy Sauce

Chicken with Apple Brandy Sauce

This is a eastern European-inspired dish, with roast chicken, apples, and a brandy sauce.  Chicken with Apple Brandy sauce is a perfect fall entree, delightful with potato pancakes, pirogi, or buttered noodles. 2 Tbsp. butter 1/2 c. coarsely chopped sweet onion 2 cloves Garlic, finely

Pumpkin Tollhouse Bars

Pumpkin Toll House Bars

My family has been obsessed with Toll House bars lately, but I decided to mix up the recipe a little bit to make it more nutritious.  Did you know that you can replace the egg in your baking with pumpkin puree, to make it healthier? 

Farmers Market 8

National Farmers Market Week

This week is the 15th Annual National Farmers Market Week! Have you ever shopped at a farmers market or a local farm stand?  Perhaps it’s because my Mom’s family had a large farm on Long Island, with a summer roadside stand chock full of fresh


Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

Nick and I saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie early, but its out in theaters for everyone today!   We did not know quite what to expect, but were blown away!   Here is our movie review… (Disclaimer:  Although Robert Downey Jr. is my